AT&T Movers and Shakers

I’m happy to announce that I just booked one of the AT&T Movers and Shakers campaigns!  I recorded from home using my ISDN line.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a data line that I had to have installed in my house.  You know those phone calls you make to companies and there is a recorded voice saying, “This call may be recorded for quality of service?”  That’s an analog data line, installed by phone companies, where they can record you on their end.  It records so clearly that it sounds as if you are right there next to them.  Yep…that’s ISDN.  There is large debate in the VO world about this technology being old and outdated since it’s still installed by phone companies and does not function on Wi-Fi.  But…nevertheless, I have it installed and ready to rock whenever it’s needed.  It’s been so useful for my work as many companies will only book talents that have ISDN lines, especially if I work for companies in other states.  Even though AT&T is located in El Segundo, CA (very close to me) they allowed me to work from my home studio!  This was the first recording of seven, and I’m hoping they will keep me as one of the voices for the entirety of the campaign!

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Well…my new year’s started out with a bang!!  Right away, I was in the studio recording promos for TV Land and eight TV spots for Toyota!  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to focus intently on refining my VO skills and manifest more work.  It’s so funny how most people want to work less, and I am focused on working more!!  I truly love my career and have been fortunate enough to make a living doing it…while working mainly from home!  My agents are keeping my busy with auditions and bookings, and I’m thankful for the hard work they do and the opportunities they bring in for me.  I’m hoping this year brings the best for everyone out there and all of our manifestations and work resolutions, come true!!  Cheers to 2018!!

Miss Universe 2017

Well pageant lovers, I just finished recording from my home studio, for the Miss Universe 2017 pageant!  This is my second time announcing this show and I could not be happier to be a part of this organization!  Although I don’t get to fly in and watch/announce the pageant live, it’s pretty special to record for this show.  These ladies have spent their entire lives vying to be one of the contestants for the ultimate pageant title.  Not only did I get to announce all of the countries they are from, I get to announce the hosts and celebrities on the show.  What an honor!!  These ladies look ravishing and hopefully I will be asked back to announce again for 2018.  Fingers crossed!!

Happy Halloween!

I guess I could say instead of being tricked, I’ve received some amazing treats this month!  I recorded a whopping 22 commercials for Toyota this month alone!  Since March of 2015, I have been one of the voices for Southern California and San Diego Toyota.  This is a HUGE accomplishment for me.  Not only are they a worldwide brand and one of the largest in the world, booking commercials for the Los Angeles market is like booking national commercials!  I’ve done radio, television, and Internet commercials for them and I’m super grateful for the continuous work over the last two and a half years.  So if you are in the So Cal area, listen for me on TV and radio!!

Promo voice for Younger on TV Land

Wow!!  I just got signed for another season as the promo voice for Younger, on TV Land.  This will be my fifth season as the promo voice.  I feel so grateful to have such amazing producers to work with.  This is one of the top rated shows on the network and I’m lucky that my voice just seems to fit with the overall theme of the show.   The VO world is so fickle…jobs come and go and voices of networks and shows change all the time.  So I feel lucky to be asked to come back again and again, year after year.  So make sure to tune in and watch…and of course, listen for me!!

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