Triple session today!

Wow, wow, wow, holy cow!!!  Lot’s of work today.  Besides the over 15 auditions I had today, I had three jobs and a call back.  I could not be more excited to be the voice of the new Blue Cross and Blue Shield of KC radio and TV commercials.  So fun working with the producers on this.  They gave me such great direction and feedback.  Made me feel proud of the work I do on a daily basis.  We ended up having to do some re-records, but that is usually how it goes.

My second session today was for!  The mattress company.  Yay!  I am the new voice of the commercial campaign on TV, and new media (internet), for both the US and Canada!!  So grateful for this one as it will be heard in two countries!

Then…the CMTMA’s are back but virtual!  Instead of heading to Nashville this year, I got to voice the show all from home.  I do miss the country twang and the feel of Nashville, but it was great that the show still went on and they used me again for the fifth year in a row.  Congrats to all the winners!

Olay! Booked!

Well, funny things usually happen when I travel.  I book work.  Or at least, my auditions that I don’t necessarily think are right for the job, book.  This was a super fun audition of rhyme…almost a Dr. Seuss cadence audition.  Had my whole set up inside my hotel room, and gave it a pass.  What’s funny is that sometimes the ones you think you are the least right for, you actually relax into it and just give it a go.  Seems to be the ones that I end up booking work from…when I don’t “try to hard”.  This one is slated to be all over the internet come holiday time, so let’s hope we catch it online!!

NexGard and HeartGard for dogs!

Well…looks like I will be the voice of the upcoming commercials for keeping your dogs worm free!  Yep…Nexguard and Heartguard commercials coming your way this February, 2021!  Can’t wait to see these on air!

HGTV and IBM Booking!

Super excited to record for HGTV today, in partnership with IBM.  With the workforce changing during these uncertain times, I got to be a voice of reassurance that all is going to be okay.  I posted the video in the “video” section of my website so you can hear the spot for yourself!File:HGTV US Logo 2015.svg


Sabra Hummus and Dippers!

Woo hoo!  I love working on Saturday mornings.  Being a mom, I am up early with my four year old, so handling east coast clients is a breeze!  Was able to record three commercials for the new Sabra products.  Wish I was snacking on them while working, but that would be counter productive.  Got such great feedback from these clients and they even sent me the finished product.  Well…not the food…the recordings.  Check them out in the video section and let me know what you think!


Charles Schwab

And right on the heels of working for Starbucks, I booked a job for Charles Schwab!  Good week of work for me!!  Let’s hope this keeps rolling and more of these spots keep coming in!

Charles Schwab | A modern approach to investing & retirement

Starbucks…Flavor that Pops!

Well my friends, it’s been an interesting two months.  With COVID in full effect and lockdown here in LA, the VO world has gotten interesting.  But through it all, I managed to book a Starbucks commercial and am very excited to represent this worldwide brand and their cold cappuccinos you can buy in stores.  Working from my home studio exclusively now, is so bitter sweet.  I have become so grateful for every booking, every opportunity and every job.  It feels good to book my first job since all this craziness started.Here's How Starbucks is Roasting the Competition by... Closing its eStore?


Sweet Success!

I really love booking sizzle reels for shows that are trying to get sold! It’s such an honor to be booked as the voice of a show when production is so excited about pitching it and hoping it will get picked up.  This one was called Sweet Success! It’s a show for kids all about candy and obstacles they have to participate in, in order to advance to the next round and win lots of cash, candy and prizes!  I’ve recorded a lot of sizzle reels and it’s always exciting to use a different part of my personality and voice.  When appealing to kids, it’s such a different energy and tone that I use vocally than when I do my promos, for example.  VO is acting work and advertising at the same time.  And also sales!  Quite the combination to be selling, voicing, advertising, and acting all at once.  It’s an art, really, and one I am lucky enough to do every damn day!

McDonalds! Ba da ba ba ba…I’m lovin’ it!

Woo hoo!! I am so happy to announce that I have booked my first McD commercial!  Yay!!  I’m definitely lovin’ it!  I played a character who was going on a walk and ultimately going for a BOGO at McDonald’s.  Love working with the entire production team and getting to go into the studio and meet new clients.  Such an honor to be a voice for this brand.  Commercials are my bread and butter in this industry, and adding a name like this to my resume could not make me more proud.

File:McDonald's logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Happy New Year! First day back and a Toyota booking!

Happy New Year, everyone!! Let’s hope 2020 is more magical than ever! Upon the first week into 2020, I was lucky enough to record more commercials for Toyota! Radio spots are awesome! Although no residuals come from them, they tend to get picked up and used over and over. I have one Toyota spot that was used for over 2.5 years! So grateful for my clients to keep me as one of the voices for this iconic brand!

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