CMT Music Awards 2019!

I am so excited to be flying to Nashville once again, to announce the CMT Music Awards! Watch the show live on CMT, Wednesday, June 5th! You will definitely be hearing me throughout the entire show! Thank you, CMT, for having me back! It’s so much fun to be behind stage and to see all the artists who are performing or presenting!

Miss USA 2019

I am thrilled to be announcing Miss USA once again! It’s pageant season and these 51 beautiful women from all over the country will be competing. I am so grateful to have been asked back for another year. It’s my absolutely pleasure and joy to be working again with Miss USA. Good luck to these lovely ladies!

Happy New Year!

I’m so excited for 2019!! This past year has been both rewarding and challenging at the same time. I booked so many amazing VO gigs and I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I had. Looking forward to a prosperous new year for everyone and hopefully all of our intentions for the new year come true!

Miss Universe 2018

Well I had the great fortune of announcing the Miss Universe pageant for the third year in a row. These beautiful ladies made it all the way to Bangkok, Thailand to compete for the crown. I’m humbled and thankful that I was asked back to announce the show. Having repeat clients is HUGE in my industry. We recorded over two sessions in my home studio. I wish I got to fly to Thailand!! I’ve been before and it was one of my most favorite vacations ever!! Good luck ladies!! And to my supporters, thanks for watching!! xoxo

New Toyota Campaigns

Well Toyota fans…I’m back with seven new TV commercials!!  Just went into the Santa Monica studio today and recorded for their new commercial campaigns!!  I absolutely LOVE working with them!!  Not only have they been one of my largest clients in terms of outreach and income, they are just fun to work with.  They get me out of my home studio Whisper Room, and into the “real” studio!  It’s also nice to be able to record 7 commercials in two hours.  That’s one of the benefits of VO vs. on-camera acting.  Most times, you can only shoot one commercial in 8-15 hours, and make the daily union rate.  I make almost the same rate on-camera actors make for EACH commercial I do.  It’s quite amazing how much I can record in one day.  It’s one of the main reasons I made the switch.  Let’s face it…we all need to make money.  For me, it’s also about maximizing my free time so I can spend it with my family AND being able to afford to do so.  I will never stop saying how grateful I am for my career and the life it has allowed me to live.  Hopefully these commercials will keep airing and airing and I get to come back to record more very soon!

CBS 58 in Wisconsin

Happy day, everyone!!  I just finished recording a ton of promos for CBS 58 in Wisconsin!!  I have been working with this producer since my Pac 12 Networks days (I was the voice of the entire network for over 2 years), and I’ve been lucky enough to have him call on me to record every time he moves to a new network.  I record promos for almost every single show on the network…so I kind of feel like I’m the “voice” of their network, which is awesome.  Although I only record once or twice per year, I record for about fifteen shows in one 1-hour session.  It’s a lot of vocal stress to make each line sound like it’s fresh and new and never heard before, even though I am repeating almost the same things over and over.  So my first sentence has to have the same energy and connection as my last because it’s my job to draw the viewer in and keep them there!!  So if you live in Wisconsin and watch CBS 58, you will be hearing me a LOT!!

And on another VO note…I just finished recording for Proficient Audio systems!!  Not only have I hosted their product videos, now they are hiring me to voice their videos of new products they launch!  So if you are in the market for a home theater system, check them out!!  And listen for me explaining how badass these speakers are…

More Younger promos!

Hey everyone!!  What an amazing month, especially for my Younger, promos! I’ve done a ton of recordings for them…billboards, cross promos with big brands for commercials, and TV spots.  They have been such an amazing client of mine for five years and I’m hoping and manifesting that they have me on again for Season 6!!  I will know more after this summer, but I’m just putting it out there in hopes my dreams come true!!  It’s been quite a busy summer for auditions as well, so hopefully I book another new job very soon.  It can get stressful at times!  While I like to write about all the bookings I’m fortunate enough to get, there are so many jobs I do NOT book…and it can be overwhelming at times.  But that’s the VO world…tons of “no’s” before you hear the “yes”.  You have to have the stomach and the stamina to withstand the rejection.  This is why I am so grateful and lucky to have my repeat clients that work me every single month, several times.  This has been a dream job, especially for being a mom and working from home.  I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have had and been able to secure to make a living in an industry that is so up and down.  So thank you, Younger, for having me back year after year representing your show!!

2018 CMT Music Awards

Hey y’all!!  I’m flying to Nashville, TN, today to LIVE announce the 2018 CMT Music Awards!!  This is my second year in a row as the announcer and I am THRILLED they asked me back!!  It’s so much fun flying to a city to announce a show.  I have my own sound room backstage and a little red button I press when I announce live.  I’ve got producers talking in my headphones the entire time so not only do I get to watch the show on a screen, I get to hear all of the behind the scenes as well.  Many people ask me if I get nervous since I’m live and really can’t mess up!  But truthfully, I don’t get nervous.  I stay very focused and channel any nerves into the excitement of my reads.  Awards show energy is BIG, and connecting with the viewers is my main focus.  I want to make sure I’m able to give the artists the respect they deserve as well as the sponsors and the network.  All of the intros and categories are recorded in studio at the CMT HQ building in Nashville, but everything else on the show is me talking live.  It’s so much fun, but also hard work.  So if you’re a country fan (or just want to support me J), please tune in to watch the awards show!!

AT&T Movers and Shakers

I’m happy to announce that I just booked one of the AT&T Movers and Shakers campaigns!  I recorded from home using my ISDN line.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s a data line that I had to have installed in my house.  You know those phone calls you make to companies and there is a recorded voice saying, “This call may be recorded for quality of service?”  That’s an analog data line, installed by phone companies, where they can record you on their end.  It records so clearly that it sounds as if you are right there next to them.  Yep…that’s ISDN.  There is large debate in the VO world about this technology being old and outdated since it’s still installed by phone companies and does not function on Wi-Fi.  But…nevertheless, I have it installed and ready to rock whenever it’s needed.  It’s been so useful for my work as many companies will only book talents that have ISDN lines, especially if I work for companies in other states.  Even though AT&T is located in El Segundo, CA (very close to me) they allowed me to work from my home studio!  This was the first recording of seven, and I’m hoping they will keep me as one of the voices for the entirety of the campaign!

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Well…my new year’s started out with a bang!!  Right away, I was in the studio recording promos for TV Land and eight TV spots for Toyota!  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to focus intently on refining my VO skills and manifest more work.  It’s so funny how most people want to work less, and I am focused on working more!!  I truly love my career and have been fortunate enough to make a living doing it…while working mainly from home!  My agents are keeping my busy with auditions and bookings, and I’m thankful for the hard work they do and the opportunities they bring in for me.  I’m hoping this year brings the best for everyone out there and all of our manifestations and work resolutions, come true!!  Cheers to 2018!!

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